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#NCTDServiceAlert #PACSurfliners R2R A573 is rescuing A769 with mech issues north of Old Town. Please expect delays with A573 and A769. - 18 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert At this time, all SPRINTER trains now operating on regularly scheduled track assignments. Thank you for your patience. - 15 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert Alternate EB option for missed CSUSM station (11:46 AM): take WB SPRINTER to San Marcos CC then EB BREEZE Rt. #305 to ETC. - 15 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert Due to mechanical issue, EB SPRINTER @ CSUSM (11:46 AM ONLY) will not service this station. Next EB SPRINTER (12:16 PM). - 15 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert WB SPRINTER @ Cal State San Marcos (11:41 AM ONLY) will depart from track #2 today. - 15 Apr

The COASTER commuter train travels between Oceanside and San Diego.


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