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#NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners SB Amtrak 790, R2R service making all COASTER stops, is delayed up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. - 23 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert NB R2R Amtrak 567 will be on track 1 at Poinsettia Station today. - 22 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners NB Amtrak 595 is currently delayed 20 minutes out of Oceanside. - 21 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners SB Amtrak 790, R2R making all COASTER stops, is delayed 15 minutes from Orange County. - 21 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert Update, EB SPRINTER has resumed service to Civic Center Vista. Please watch your step when entering and exiting the train. - 20 Aug

The COASTER commuter train travels between Oceanside and San Diego.


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Call (760)726-1111